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Obsidian Smoke Rings

by UnKindness Of Ravens

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Ma tasse est toujours pleine à ras bords dans la mer. La fée verte met les rêves dans ma bouche et prend les mains de la mer. J'ai jeté le berceau d'eau perdu au ciel-- qui a brisé en mille morceaux. Le monde sommeille, il ne soigne pas mes mains pénibles ou ma bouche en plein rêves.
Softs 04:35
Drink friends, drink, and friends let's drink again. The bottle will be empty, But not before the end. I've traveled near and far, and now I'm back to stay, Had enough travelin', enough of the wanderin' way. I saw the stars o'er Mexico, 'neath her thighs spread wide. She said, "Stay!", Lord I had to go, Though in her belly grew my pride. Drink friends, drink, and friends let's drink again, the bottle will be empty, but not until the end. Waking somewhere in the East, I couldn't see nor feel, Drinking hard, sans surcease, With the devil I made my deal. "Son, be careful what you ask, take care with what you say, You might try to fit the mask, But the truth gets in the way." Drink friends, drink, and friends let's drink again, though the bar be empty, there's more 'fore the end. "You can leave 'em in the alley, You can leave 'em in the night, But there ain't no son o' Sally, Won't let you go without a fight." Well I heard those words and they rang true, Though the goat himself had said it, I wanted out; to 'scape my due, And profferred my soul for credit. Drink friends, drink, and friends let's drink again, the promise may be be empty, a bargain without end. The goat just smiled -- winked one eye, Which kind of made me shudder, "The answer's easy -- stay a while, The end could be another." When he was done and satisfied, and we had shaken hands, to his work he fled and hied, to still my sired bands. Drink friends, drink, and friends drink again, their bellies will be empty, but thus it is an end. I've got my hidden pleasures hidden sorrows, hidden truths, and nigh forgotten treasures, that the whiskey never soothes. Haunted by their ghosts, and their long aborted cries, though forgotten are their hosts, yet remembered are their eyes. Drink friends, drink, and friends drink again. The bottle now is emptied, and so we're at the end.


Splinter me out the jewel of a juicy black lime, lime, lime... (as it echoes off) this eruption came--brought us running, red-footed, across a molten earth, which bloomed in motion. We could see the pregnant future and drank to our loosening legs. We could youtheneyes our impulses and telekinized the seedling smokes hovering above our homes. We could architect monuments to melt back into their molten beginnings. After all, we vibrated a circle which revealed itself.

aluminum foil, ashtray, bastebrush, bongos, bottlecap cardboard gourd rattle, bottle-o-itchagen, cake pan, Casio SK-1, chopsticks (wood and metal), coffee drum, coins, cork, cruncharoundaphone, criscolastic, flutes (bamboo and other wood), duct tape, didgeridoo, dietocussion, fivalpot, glass shards, grumble tubes, guitar, harmonica, kazoo, UKOR natural beat algorithm, metal scraps, spirit of Juanita, panhandle, pitchilbocks, ratchesqueaker, Roland JV-30, scat, season shakers, spoons, Tibetan singing bowl, violins, voices, water bottles, whipivic poles, wooden fish rake


released September 23, 2003




UnKindness Of Ravens Montréal, Québec

A musical experiment with unconventional sound construction. We began in 1991 and still make musical scribble.

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